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For skin that tends to be sensitive due to fluctuations.

A delightful introduction to ILEM JAPAN. Discover a healthy, holistic routine to nourish your skin and calm your mind. Cleanse, restore, and enjoy. Suitable for all skin types.


  • Gentle Cleanser (120mL / 4fl. oz.)
  • Balancing Toner (120mL / 4fl. oz.)
  • Hydrating Serum (30mL / 1fl. oz.)
  • Deep Moisturizer (50mL / 1.7fl. oz.)
  • Nourishing Eye Cream (20g / Net wt. 0.7 oz)

+ FREE Konjac Sponge (Shiro)!

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  • Step 0 1:

    Gentle Cleanser

    The first step of a healthy skincare routine, the Gentle Cleanser washes away impurities while helping you attain baby-soft smoothness. Designed to soothe, hydrate, and refresh skin for a revived, glowing complexion through ingredients such as Japanese Yuzu Extract and Grape Leaf Extract.
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  • Step 0 2:

    Balancing Toner

    This toner softly helps balance texture, while simultaneously moisturizing skin. With the help of Raspberry Fruit Extract to ease inflammation, and Japanese Yuzu Extract to moisturize and strengthen the skin’s outer barrier– it’s a refreshing solution to soothe sensitive & dry skin.
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  • Step 0 3:

    Hydrating Serum

    This serum deeply helps moisturize the skin’s barrier, restoring its elasticity. The rich blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Marula Oil, and Tangerine Peel Extract concoct a delicately balanced formula to further help balance and hydrate all skin types. Especially beneficial for dehydrated skin.
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  • Step 0 4:

    Deep Moisturizer

    Made with revitalizing Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells, Shea Butter, and skin-softening Japanese Rice Germ Oil– this enriching moisturizer will help transform skin. Repair & restore, while moisturizing your natural glow with this special formula.
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  • Step 0 5:

    Nourishing Eye Cream

    Packed with essential nutrients from Japanese Rice Lees Extract, Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid and more– it’s the perfect elevation to any personal care routine. Help combat signs of aging and fine lines with this rich blend of botanical ingredients.
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